The agony and the ecstasy

I agonize over titles.

If I had to choose between scrubbing a public toilet and coming up with a book title, I’d slap on a face mask, pull on rubber gloves and grab a brush. With the toilet, at least I know the agony will last only a few minutes.

The process of titling my novel, “Someone She Always Has Known,” lasted months. During that time, I researched words relating to coming-of-age, college and friends. I tried unsuccessfully to play on “The Golden Girls.” I started writing down movie, TV and book quotes and attempted to bend them to my will.

Nothing worked.

Until I started singing the words to Concrete Blonde’s, “The Sky Is a Poisonous Garden.” I discovered the band in high school and they still play on the soundtrack of my life. (And on my iPod.) I also plucked Eleanor’s name from the song, which pulsates with sexual energy.

When I got to the lyrics, “someone she always has known,” I stopped singing. As I explained in the book’s blurb, their common and separate college experiences help Callie, Eleanor and Jodie – the book’s main characters – evolve into someone she always has known.

Of course, the someone Concrete Blonde’s Eleanor always has known is a man who makes her moan, but so what? It fit.

And it ended the agony.

Find out more about “Someone She Always Has Known” here:

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