Sweet child of mine

Of the three main characters in “Someone She Always Has Known,” I relate the least to Callie. That’s right. I have more in common with the angry and rude Eleanor and the depressed and introverted Jodie than with the warm and open-hearted Callie.

In an effort to mold her more in my image, I considered having Callie tell Eleanor – even if only once – to shut up and mind her own damn business. But that wouldn’t be Callie. As Leo observes, “Callie is a sweet girl.” She’s too sweet to stand up for herself and too naïve to believe people she loves and respects will hurt her feelings and harm her heart.

She intends to spend her life spreading joy and avoiding conflict. She achieves more success with the latter than the former. But peace can last only so long, as evidenced by her ignoring the warning signs with Bishop as well as Jodie’s complaints about Tabitha and Paula.

In many ways, Callie lives a world that’s as unreal as the fictional ones to which Jodie retreats. Callie describes Eleanor as “sweet” and Paula as “nice” and resides in a warped reality where roommates don’t harass Jodie and boyfriends never lie.

Bishop once describes Callie as a ray of sunshine. Indeed, other characters are drawn to this sunny young woman who enjoys a dessert with every meal, questions the existence of the “imaginary” equator and confesses ignorance of the “beaver shot.”

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