Food for thought

One of the ways I developed the main characters of “Someone She Always Has Known” was through their relationships with food. I allowed their attitudes on eating to represent their respective approaches to life.

Eleanor will eat anything and with gusto. Jodie picks at bland food. Callie mixes food to create unusual fare.

When the story starts, Callie and Jodie are vegetarians. Callie eschews meat for humanitarian purposes while Jodie avoids it because, well, it’s food. When Jodie brings home a pizza with extra cheese, Eleanor wonders aloud, “What kind of vegetarian doesn’t eat vegetables?”

Indeed, the other characters’ reactions to Jodie’s dietary choices comprise a running theme. Watching Jodie eat a cookie annoys Callie, Chet chastises her for not savoring a Chinese buffet, and Laura brags on her for finishing a chimichanga.

I tried to restrict Jodie’s diet to unseasoned carbs, but I cheated occasionally. After I imagined Jodie worrying about the residue barbeque corn chips would leave on her fingers, I couldn’t resist.

When it came to Callie’s culinary creations, I tried to think of the strangest possible combinations. In the end, I didn’t have to think at all. When a dinner companion poured ranch dressing on her baked spaghetti, I thought to myself, “Callie.”

“Someone She Always Has Known” is available in paperback here

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